Sunrise City 5K

Sunrise City 5K

The Sunrise City 5K is a non-competitive run/walk at 5.30am on a Friday morning in the summer.

Sunrise is aimed at people who wouldn’t normally take part in an event or who struggle to find the time to take part without eating into family time at the weekend.

It’s great for people looking to do some activity or for employers who want to promote workplace health.

Over 3,500 people took part across six cities in 2018.  The series will move to eight cities and nine dates in 2019 with up to 7,000 people expected to take part.

All participants receive a colourful event t-shirt that they must wear to run in, which creates a wave of colour passing through the deserted city streets.

Participants have raved about the event and have relished becoming part of the Sunrise family.

Watch the video below or find out more by clicking here.